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Strawberrie Donnelly
London, England

“Like footprints on the damp sand of his beloved beach, Arlo Kelly's 
'Echo' will leave its soft, bruising mark on your heart. Readers will 
taste the tang of the waves and feel the crust of the sea air as we are 
lured step by salty step into this unique and unforgettable story.
A deep and dazzling debut from a superbly talented young writer.”

Margaret Hansen
Gisborne, NZ

“I enjoyed the unfolding of the multiple plot lines, and especially the richly layered, vivid descriptions. Also the ability to elegantly sustain the thread of the disability throughout. I'm completely blown away!”

Amy Williamson (12)
​Kāpiti, NZ

“A story of a boy's determination to protect something precious and push himself beyond his limits. An incredible storyline with a lot of personality.”

Sue Glensor
Kāpiti, NZ

“Arlo Kelly has not only written an exciting childhood adventure, but also expressed with astute sensitivity the emotional challenges a young, partially sighted boy experiences with his family and the world around him. 'Echo' is a beautiful story.  ”

Marion Daste (12)
Kāpiti, NZ

“It was very enjoyable and easy to read, I loved the suspense and the mystery. The main character, Eric, was interesting and you were never bored listening to him. My favourite part was when Eric encountered the whale for the first time. I will definitely read the book again.”

Noel Kelly (author)
​Auckland, NZ

“The rhythm of a life lived beside the ocean and the timeless joys of the beach — the foamy water, the salty wind, the silky sand, the popping seaweed and the carefree sand hoppers — were all clearly imagined. Plus, the final dramatic twist was skilfully executed. I look forward to reading his next tale. ”
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