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Echo by Arlo Kelly, Sparrow Press 
Eric loves his quiet life living on a remote beach with its ever-changing weather. However he is visually impaired and gets frustrated by how his parents worry about him and restrict what he does on his own. But one summer Eric has a chance encounter with a minke whale which leads to a special connection that Eric decides he must protect at all costs. Set on the beautiful east coast of New Zealand, this story is about Eric's experiences that summer, his secret friendship with the whale, his need for his parents to understand he is growing up, and pushing himself in ways he never has before.


SKU: 01-001
  • ISBN 978-0-473-63253-3
    Format: Paperback
    154 pages
    Publication 27th May 2022

  • Arlo Kelly is a young author from the Kāpiti Coast, New Zealand. He has been a passionate writer for many years and most of his stories have been inspired by the natural world around him. He has grown up living by the sea and especially loves the wild east coast of New Zealand, which was the setting for this story. He has spent many summers there, exploring the coastline with all its natural geographical wonders and amazing sea life.

     This is his first published novel.

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