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My writing journey

It is interesting looking back on the some off the books I have made over the years .. non fiction, fiction, short stories, pick-a-path books. It has been something I have been passionate about since I was 7. My first book was called WILD WEATHER and was all about different types of weather, something I have been fascinated by for many years. Weather often makes its way into my fiction writing. Luckily in NZ we are surrounded by plenty of it! Shortly after that I started writing adventure stories such as Tornado Forest (spot the weather theme!) And later The Beach Treasure and Man's Best Friend which both have adventure and survival at their heart.

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Annegreet Sinaeve
Annegreet Sinaeve

Hi i'm ten years old and I am working on my own story to publish.I decided I wanted to be an author when I discovered my favorite book series.And Arlo's story jas inspired me to start publishing at a young age!😁📚

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